Greener Money Grass: African Millennial in USA

Q: So what kind of banking happens in the US?

A: At the moment, due to COVID, most things are automated. The only reason to go to the bank is when you need Identification verified and you just want to speed things up.

I’ve never tried to open a bank account online, but when I’ve opened other financing accounts; I still submit my documents online:- W-2 for tax, utility bill and alike.

It’s standard but going into the bank is way faster; go in with the original, they scan, take a picture in person, that’s more secure.

Q: Do you guys have completely virtual banks?

A: Yes we do; I’ve used them twice. But not as my checking account. Incase I lose everything or I need to speak to someone; it’s easier to walk into a bank.

Q: So what was your experience like when you used the completely virtual bank?

A: I’m like a tech-savvy person so for that was a perfect scenario. I wouldn’t have to go to the bank unless I wanted to. Actually used one to help finance my car

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