Have fun with Chinese Characters Puzzle 1

Question: 一口咬掉牛尾巴 Answer: 告

一口:a bite 咬掉:bite off

牛:cow 尾巴:tail

What happens if you bite the tail off the chinese char of cow? We’ll imagine the cow’s tail as the lower body, when we bite off the tail, imagine the mouth(口) replace the tail of 牛, it became 告。Whitch have the feeling of telling somebody.

Chinese char is more like a graph, while Eng is more like a symbol, if I’ll try to image something I would love to use Chinese, while using English to brief or describe the situation, because it’ more accurate while Chinese is a little confusing. > A pic is worth a mouthful of words right?

I’ll come back when there’s enough claps

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