Holy Heritage

Holy Heritage Part 1 — Children/Teens Growing Daily In God’s Word (Psalm 127:3–5).

“Need of Patience” (Hebrews 10:36)!

To the Youth/Child: Note that patience is a need to enter/receive the promise, after doing the will of God. Do you feel like you have done all you know God has told you to do? And yet you haven’t received the promise (success in exams, still been bullied in school, job — internship, progress-scholarship/promotion, increase, life partner -wife/husband,healing, deliverance, pregnancy-young wife/husband, blessing and so on), patience blessed child of God #NotUnequalyYokedWithUnbelievers #diligence #NotAmongScorners #Faithful. For God is not slack and can never change (2 Peter 3:9; Lamentations 3:22; Malachi 3:6). God is a loving and Kind Father, He sees the end from the beginning and knows exactly what we need at the right time we need it. Sarah conceived at the exact time God has spoken (Genesis 21:2 ; Romans 9:9). God knows every time and season and He created them too. Be purposeful and know that God will always come through for you.

To the Parent(s): Children are the heritage of thy Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward. If the arrow that God has given us to shot into the Kingdom of darkness be not sharpened what next will be our reward? We must treat these precious ones as they were put in our care. Pastor Faith A. Oyedepo will say “it is better to train a child than fix an adult”. A lifetime of example is better than an epistle/words. Jesus is Lord.

Reflection: Today I chose to be more loving even as I discipline after the training/children’s church meetings yesterday #learndaily #morewisdom and my Queen got in the acts (she is very good at scattering and arranging things), the sink was blocked and I gently told her to pray to God to please get the ball out in Jesus name Amen and say thank you Jesus which She did. Then I heard clearly, get a tiny metal, bend it into two, and bend both edges a bit and bring out the ball which I did. Here comes the ball. So I took it to her to share the testimony with her and again we thanked God. As a child of God, what are your convictions about your heavenly Father? Have you sort to know Him personally or you are waiting till the exams of life comes then you start to doubt what your parent(s) or pastor(s) have told you about this God that you truly do not know personally? You need to know God personally for your own good because surely after training as a privileged child of a believer or growing up in church or not, the exams of this life will come whether you are prepared for it/them or not, ignorance will not be an acceptable excuse from writing or passing this exams even failure is not a good option for you.

Prayer: Father in heaven, help me to do your will always and en-grace/cause me to exercise the required patience that I might receive the promise (miracle) in Jesus name Amen.

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Jesus is Lord Forever and All Glory to Almighty God.

Holy Heritage Part 2— Children/Teens Growing Daily In God’s Word (Psalm 127:3–5).

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