How does PROT’s Masternode and staking work?

How does PROT’s Masternode and Staking work?

The POS staking and masternode rewards of PROT operate as a mechanism similar to other Masternode based cryptocurrencies. PROT, however, provides a reward table of nonlinear functions reflecting the results of the selected cryptocurrency. This will adjust the number of Masternode participants for each segment and the profitability of its participants in an ideal range.

In order to successfully implement the masterplan of PROT, those willing to take on the role of a Masternode investors must be large. We would be very grateful for any investors’ contribution to the project and thus created a non-linear reward plan for the donor’s asset value and successful return, and placed a higher weight on the Masternode between staking and masternode balances.

PROT understands that the Masternode is the most important contributor to the network, and it is a priority value to protect the Masternode’s reward and Masternode asset value.

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