How India screws its people over

This series is just a thought dump of casual observations on how politicians and government officials (local, state and national) leech off Indians….siphoning off huge amounts of wealth that could otherwise be used for the development of the country and its people.

I have crammed a bit of economic theory in my time as a finance student, but no term accurately captures the theft that takes place in India as a result of corruption.

I don’t know if anyone has done any detailed research on the topic, but it would make for a very interesting and revealing study.

For those not initiated in the art, science and business of corruption, let me attempt to describe how it works.

This is of of course a very simple example, and the methods are only limited by your imagination.

So let’s say I want to start a restaurant. I will need a licence. The department in charge will have to issue a licence to me to run a restaurant. That’s fair game I think – you wouldn’t want cockroaches in your prawn curry. Health and safety blah blah.

The officials in charge however will refuse to give me a licence, on some count of the other. Even if I fulfil every single requirement. The only way I’d get the licence is if I pay a bribe.

This is what was called the ‘licence raj’. Every single enterprise required some sort of licence or registration or approval from the government. Wikipedia informs me that the licence raj was in operation from 1947 to 1990. I say fuck that, licence raj is well, alive and kicking in 2017 too.

And this is why working in the government, any kind of government job, is a sure shot way to rise above your circumstances and make a LOT of money.

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