I Want The World

a young teen replies : I crave fame, exotic food, luxury clothing, shelter, a summer house on the French Riviera, an island to myself, 100 million Instagram followers, more money than seven generations need, power, planes, boats, cars, gold and everything considered impossible by many…

I am human, I want to be viewed as a superhuman; even though I won’t carry anything with me to the afterlife, I want the world. The wise man said: There’s nothing wrong to want more and more if you don’t hurt anyone and do something immoral or unlawful. I have a simple explanation for many seeking the world..

It is called your soul seeking to be one with the universe unbound by earthly pursuits. It is called liberation from desires but the path to liberation is strewn with satiation of desires. There’s nothing wrong in seeking the world if you drench the world in your love such that it wants you. One with the cosmos, I say we seek …

Abhishek Kothari
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