India’s tour of South Africa

So I will be using Medium’s series feature to talk about India’s tour to South Africa, yes I could use twitter but then I hope to go deeper into what I say through series and also because I want to try this feature of Medium. It seems really cool and I have been wanting to use it for a while, but have never got to it. Now seems like a fine time to try this.

But before the series begins, read this piece from Sid Monga on how the Indian batting will play a key role in South Africa.

This is the same core of players who visited South Africa the last time, but this time around they are back and with more experience.

So let’s see how they do.

South Africa’s 50 to 100 conversion rate at home since 1st Jan 2014 is 47%, the global average in the same period has been 31%.

But overall India (36.02%) has been on par with South Africa (35.85%) when it comes to converting centuries

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