“It’s always busy and there’s always something to do.”

This is about people’s hometowns or any place they call it home.

Everyday, I meet people from all around the world and I would like to see where they are from from their perspectives. I believe it’s one of the best ways to see those places because to them, those are the cities with memories and emotions.

This is from my hometown project, and I’m writing about Singapore.

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“It’s always busy and there’s always something to do.” Singapore

“It’s very hustle-bustle and something’s always happening. Very fast-paced,” said Amirah, 21, a Political Science student from Singapore Management University.

Coming from Bedok, a region located on the east side of Singapore, she said that there’s no significant geographic difference among different areas of the country.

“It’s hard to say because it’s so tiny that there’s no clear boundary.”

Singapore has always been considered a city-state, but the nation’s border does not limit its influence on Southeast Asia. It serves as the global transfer hub and is home to numerous international corporations. For more than five decades, the country has been the dominant power in the region, both economically and politically.

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