Late Night Writing

You Bring Me Back

I sit here late at night thinking of your smile. Your eyes closed trusting that I’ll hold you tight and won’t let you fall.

Lub Dub, Lub Dub,…

My heart beats to the sound of your voice. For every breath you take makes it stop to prepare itself for your next melodic words.

Oh I miss you my darling.

But I will see you soon in the wake of the chirping birds. A time when spring comes and we are allowed to see each other for one last time. You are summer, warm and full of charm. I am winter, cold and fallen into darkness. You melt my fears with the light of your words and your songs bring me back from the depths of despair.

I say good bye to you my love. Our passion lasted long enough. I’ll melt away into nothingness swallowed by the demons in my heart. That’s what I would love to say as I can’t bare to see your gorgeous eyes gaze at my heart after what I’ve done.

But the memory of me that your heart keeps inside will always bring me back from the shadows of my past.


I found you pondering by the edge thinking of the temperture of the water. I offered to help you figure it out but we ended up getting a cup of coffee instead.

A simple conversation brought you back to life and you remembered your dreams and hopes. I didn’t do anything but listen to your story and you rewarded me with a smile full of tears.

I had never experienced such a magical smile and I can always remember it when I close my eyes. That morning was one that I will always remember because that’s when I found my life’s truelove.

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