Learn Angular 4 with me

I Just started to learn Angular 4, just few days ago and I been doing lots of research and learning myself by reading the documentation and some good articles.

Switching to Angular was not my decision but my company wanted me to work on frontend and gave me two days to learn as the project delivery was very close to deadlines.

I told them okay and started to Learn angular, the learning curve is hard. Many developers just learn about components and a Http service and jump in to developing real world applications.


Before I even started to learn Angular 4. I looked at some github projects like https://github.com/gothinkster/angular-realworld-example-app to understand how they are organizing their application and the strategies they are following.

Having a fair amount of knowledge in JavaScript, the next thing I started was to look at Angular’s official documentation at https://angular.io/docs

Though we can write code in plain JavaScript, most of the community members and the code samples were using TypeScript, so the next step is to understand what is TypeScript and how is it different from JavaScript.

My next step was to go to http://www.typescriptlang.org and learn more about the language.

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