Life is all about synchronicity

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Do you know when you go through an astonishing experience, full of inspiration, wisdom, beauty, spirituality, and you do not know how in fact you should start writing about it? That is exactly how I have felt. Last February, I had the great opportunity to visit two countries that, apart from being culturally different from Brazil, are considered quite mysterious and highly spiritualised all over the world.

By the time I came to know about the trip, I was not planning to travel. I did not have any dream of visiting neither Bhutan nor India. But I had been looking for experiences that could turn out life. more interesting and meaningful. More than that. I had been looking forward to living experiences that could bring me closer to my truth, to my essence as a human being. And so, without knowing more details, but with a strong feeling that I should not miss out on it, I felt immediately committed to the journey and the people who, just like me, would feel attracted to taking part in it.

Before knowing practical things like, for instance, travel itinerary, price, and period of time, I already knew that it would be a revealing experience, full of discoveries and new knowledge. No doubt, no fear came into my mind, although some people tried to discourage me from embarking on this adventure. Just confidence and the certainty that I was doing the right thing. Precisely that kind of feeling that can only be experienced when we are connected with our inner voice, our intuition.

As you can imagine, the travel itself was undoubtedly unique and presented us with many highlights like, for instance, the buddhist teachings shared with us by our lovely Lama Gembo Dorji; the learning about Gross National Happiness in the Royal University of Bhutan; the morning meetings with our enlightened spiritual master Sri Prem Baba in Rishikesh; and the outstanding lecture delivered by Dr Bruce Lipton about “The Biology of Belief” during the International Yôga Festival. By the way, I intend to write about all of these as soon as possible.

But, here, the point I want to make is the importance of synchronicity in life. There is no coincidence. There is no accident. Everything is connected and interrelated. Synchronicity is the word that came to my mind when I was still thinking of what sort of message I would like to share with you in this first post about this incredible experience. Heartedly speaking, I feel this learning journey was marked by the beauty of life’s synchronicity. When we are ready, it does not matter how big or small the movement is, we will inevitably bump into angels disguised as people; we will have the finesse required to realise the wisdom hidden between words; and we will naturally encounter our true selves.

Life is full of liveliness. To reach out all its blessings, we just need to be open to them, trust in our path and be strong enough to tackle the feelings of fear and discouragement that eventually might prevent us from being ourselves and HAPPY :)

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