Line of Continuity

a look at narrative design by Christian Butler

A MARVEL Studios Film

Captain America: Civil War

Directors — Anthony Russo Joe Russo

Screenplay — Christopher Markus Stephen McFeely


We don’t know where we are, only that the year is 1991, which seems like it might be important. It’s not yet made clear as to why we’re here at what appears to be some covert military facility until the Winter Soldier is revealed, awakened from his slumber and reconditioned by the reading of Russian words from a red book emblazoned with a black star. He is subsequently sent on a mission to retrieve packets of blue liquid.

In so doing, he runs a car off the road, causing it to crash —

This is why we’re here, so it must be important, only…

We don’t know why

Consequences are Expensive

We know that it’s the present day and we’re in Lagos, Nigeria. But at first, it is not made clear as to why we’re here, why this sequence is “important”.

In proper form, the Avengers are revealed, keeping watch. As for what, and whom — Rumlow, (or “Crossbones”).

We have our “heroes” and our “villains”: the heroes mean to prevent the villains from causing harm.

Just when things seem resolved, Rumlow blows himself up; people are killed, the Avengers fail — this is why we’re here…

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