Little Doses of Happiness

There is need for us to recognize each moments of happiness, hope, success, and joy in the midst of life’s crazy no matter how insignificant it may seem.

Note: These stories were written with humor in mind.

Don’t over process the contents💛


I closed my lips on the lemon wedge as I felt the juice chase down the alcohol coursing through my system.

3 shots of vodka after, I high-fived my buddies as we turned towards the dance floor ready to take the weekend.

Forgetting the scorching sun, the initial SMS announcing my non-existent account balance and my heavy carrier bag.

I sighed blissfully as the juicy flavor of the ice-cream hit my tongue, and continued it’s journey down my throat as well as my hands.

I smacked my lips as I licked the creamy residue decorating my upper lip. Putting my sunshade on as I headed home feeling better.

Olubunmi Atere
2 min
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