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How to AVOID 4 Common MISTAKES when Married to and Mother to SAGITTARIUS Men 😳🙌🏾.

Good Morning BEAUTIFULS!!!😻. Happy Sunday to you! If you are married to or in any way Related to the People Of The SAGITTARIUS SIGN then You Might Want to READ THIS or SHARE Some Advice of How YOU Deal!!!😳

1 — They Are Not Your Daily House 🏡 Cuddly Buddies. Like their Zodiac Describes them, “they are TRAVELERS”. So Please Let Them GO!!🤣

Avoid Assigning them to INDOOR Chores and or Daily routines.

2 — They Want the WHOLE Stage When they are On Stage. They are Born to be some of the Greatest PHILOSOPHERS so AVOID Interrupting them, ESPECIALLY When They Are Telling A Story! While others could just say “ don’t interrupt” and keep talking, For the people of the SAG, you are now MARKED and close to their 💩 Bucket List 😑. Don’t forget, they are a FIRE 🔥 Sign.

3 — Their Idea of FREEDOM is on a Mountain-High level. While others can run 🏃🏾 straight to the grocery store and run straight back home (especially when a wife is waiting on the bell-peppers), these Half-Man, Half-Horse humans, are gallopers. They might stop at a friends real quick or pick up the dry-cleaning or get into a deep conversation with a totally stranger at the grocery store “All because he was wearing a Panthers Hat and build like a RUNNING BACK!!”. (I’m still waiting on the pepper🙊. I mean, a certain wife is still waiting on the pepper😡). AVOID sending them on Quick Errands, JUST do that one yourself 😻.

4 — They have an Awesome and or Very Direct Sense of Humor and you never know which way it’s going to swing. SO!!! if You Are INTRODUCING them to Your Family for the First Time, I STRONGLY recommend that You AVOID Surprising them with your parents likes. GO AHEAD and give them a little REVIEW of what Sports, Team, Liquor, Political views, Style, Decorating, Religion and Foods Your Parents like. GIRLLLLL 🙈🤣, The SAG will say what’s on their mind without fancying it up.

Hahahaha 😂😂 and I’m a CANCER woman living with both of them 😫. #ilovemysagboys

I 💕U. Thx for reading😘


I heard on a radio show yesterday that there are 3ways to self happiness and although all their thoughts were true, I still can’t help to think that One Of The BIGGEST Foundation Of FREEDOM, Which I Believe Creates Self Happiness, is TO STOP ✋ NEGATIVE THINKING.

Top 3 Ways I am learning to STOP NEGATIVE Thinking:

1 — When I Start to hear that negative voice, I also start to feel the tension in my body. No matter where I’m at, I find a quiet space and talk to myself. 🤣 Yes! I do😆!!!

I seriously say to myself “STOP IT VIDA, STOP IT! Get out of your own way to: Have fun, Create, Learn, Build, Love, Mastered”. I literally Feel my Mind steeping out of my body so my heart can lead my body to go do its thing. And That’s!!! My BEYONCÉ MOMENT.

2 — Letting Go Of People Who Don’t Bring Fulfillment to my life. I Have 5 friends, that apart from my husband and kids, my happiness depends on them. I know, call it what you want but I fall in love with people’s hearts and when theirs do for me too, They Are My Biggest Accomplishments. My Friends are my reflection and I’m theirs. They are my forever Therapists, Party buddies, protectors, secret keepers, and family that I have been granted. (Don’t Mess With My Friends 😜). Make sure the people you call friends, are a reflection of what you are or what you inspirer to be.

3 — Work My Brain Out 😳. The Brain behaves like a Muscle, therefore, It can Be trained to do what you want it to do. And we all know, to be Great at what you want, you have to practice. IT’S JUST THAT FREAKING SIMPLE. So to get positive thoughts you got to:

Have positive PEOPLE around you for what you see them do and what you hear them say.

Have positive VISUALS. I have changed all the art in my home to arts with positive words.

Have Positive LISTENING. People laughed at me sometimes for listening to Joel Osteen, but his message is positive and that’s the workout my brain needs. Or a relaxing French Cafe Station.

The Best Way to Gain True FREEDOM, Is To STOP ✋ Negative Thinking 💭.

I ❤️U!!! Thanks 🙏 for all your love and support 😘🤗 #vidaforward #positivethinking #wiw #liketoknowit #forever21 #onepiece

It’s like I tell my children “Life is like cooking a pot of soup, You get out, what you put in, so season to Your taste”.

Good Morning BEAUTIFULS!!!😻🌸🙌🏾

I’m so grateful for my lifestyle and how I’m seasoning my soup. It’s very clear to me now that My Life is based on My Choices.

Choose Who You LOVE (yes, make a check off list)

Choose How You Want to LIVE (Do Not Settle)

Choose What You REPRESENT (Strive For Greatness)

My family continues to Strive for Greatness and now that we have this Awesome! Middle-Schooler, we are so Proud of him!!!😆🙌🏾😻.I 💕💛 You! Have a beautiful Day🤗

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