London Cycle Diaries

London Cycle Diaries is both a cycle-based and cycle-orientated series aimed at “discovering” hidden spots in London from the saddle of my Raleigh.

Hi, this is Mario, A Cuban in London; welcome to another episode of London Cycle Diaries.

Independent cinemas have a rich history in London. From East Finchley to Dalston, there is no shortage of venues that are willing to swap a business-minded agenda for an artistic-centred one. However, these cinemas do not operate in isolation. They become the hubs of curators, societies and clubs. A good example of this is the Arthouse, N8-community magnet. Arising from the ashes of the old Salvation Army Hall (otherwise known as the Music Palace), this venue’s manifesto states that it “hopes to attract a mixed audience, where class, race, gender, sexuality and religion can be celebrated and discussed in an open-minded, creative atmosphere.

A cursory glance through their programme validates this goal. Another urban gem, of a cinematographic nature, spotted from the saddle of my Raleigh.

Mario López-Goicoechea
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