London Design Festival 2017: SMART DESIGN with Ruby Steel

Designing For One

Ruby Steel | Smart Design

This event was held on 18/09/17 at the SMART Design Studios, London as part of the LDF17.

Ruby Steel shared her experience of appearing on BBC2’ s The Big Life Fix, delving into an incredible project, and the impact it had on her as a designer and her design process.

Tables were soon turned with SMART presenting a question to the audience for discussion…

The event brought together a bunch of creative & design enthusiasts for an evening of debating and fun!

Meet Graham

Below is a link to the micro-documentary (length 04:14) of a project Ruby worked on as ‘a Fixer’ on The Big Life Fix. It is well worth the watch.

It tells the story of Graham, a stroke victim who is unable to speak and is living with locked-in syndrome.

Ruby & co fixer Ross were tasked with designing a solution to improve Graham’s standard of living. Their journey was one full of discovery, empathy and determination.

read the full story

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