Why Work in Tech?

Here are some reasons we love it…

To many, the tech industry is still an enigma. Expectations about workplace culture are often based on media portrayal and worst-case-scenario news stories.

The truth is, jobs in the tech industry have a lot of excellent qualities. I’ve asked my network to share their favorites and will be sharing them here with you.

Do you work in tech? Want to share your story? What do you love about your job or workplace? Share a 1–2 word descriptor, and a few sentences. Please include your employer, business, or freelance position.

Thank you, Lauren

#1 Flexibility

Our team thrives on trust and mutual respect. It gives us the ability to be more flexible, letting people communicate and adapt to daily life. For me, it often means working remotely, or blocking out some time to work at a non-traditional time.

As long as I’m respectful about it and I get the work done, my teammates are very supportive.

Lauren Jerome

Co-founder of Mindbox Studios & Ascend Eugene, Oregon

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