Millie Bobby Brown


On February 19, 2004 in Malaga, Spain, Millie Bobby Brown was born to English parents and little did they know what her talents would blossom into.

Now, at the mere age of 13-years-old, she is known across the world for her many talents including modeling and acting. Hopping back and forth between Los Angeles and London, the teen star is in full career mode, considering the airplane her current home.

What is it that transformed this child star into a worldwide sensation?

After her transition to Hollywood, the young star landed her first role as Alice in Once Upon A Time. Her success caught on and led her to many other roles:

2013: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

2014: Intruders

2014: NCIS

2015: Modern Family

2015: Grey’s Anatomy

When her smaller roles weren’t sufficient enough to meet family needs, the family moved back to the U.K. Shortly after, she received the call to audition for an upcoming series produced by the Duffer brothers.

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