Monday Confession

Since people have always been inspired by my Zero to Today story, I decided to share things about “How I fail to accomplish my personal goals and business goals”. That would be quite painful. LOL! Kidding.

Just a small try to give a message that “entrepreneurship is not easy and you can’t succeed all the time.”

So, I will start posting my stories every Monday with #zawmondayconfession hashtag on this page for the youngsters out there. Hope it helps.


I set a target back in 2016, where we were running the business with 13+ pixellioners, that “I will grow my team to 100+ members in 2018” but I failed. Yes! That’s true. I can only make it to 50+ pixellioners over these 2 years. Painful right?

“Well, this is one in a million. See you all on next Monday with another confession.”


2 years back, we had handled several big clients from most emerging industries. But unfortunately, our team wasn’t ready to give a hand — that we couldn’t properly support to meet their goals since their expectation was too high for us. Not so far, most of them decided to go with another agency. That was pretty fair!

But we took that experience as our foundation and now became a better team — having much more satisfaction by the big brands.

“Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn”

Zaw Min Tin
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