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Episode 1

Take few minutes and read it!

Holding a smartphone in your hand just to make calls, browse Facebook and other entertainments doesn’t make you any smarter, use it to learn everyday on goals of your life to pursue the purpose of your life.

Not like old times, now there are so much formats of education, especially catered to smartphones too. There are e-books, audiobooks, videos, internet blogs, interactive courses (offline and online, free and paid), podcasts on about anything and everything.

Search for them for whatever you want to learn and take action on, follow them and learn and get the maximum out of them.

Learning is not enough, you must apply the knowledge in order to convert that knowledge into wisdom.

Just remember, your time is freakishly limited.

If you’re still in your 20s or more and if you’re lucky you’d live at least till you’re 60 years old. And when you’re at 60, imagine what could’ve happened to the world 🌎🤔? If we all are lucky world would have become so developed. So if you want to be lucky even at that time you just have to prepare your life for it. Otherwise you will loose huge opportunities for your life, where you could’ve achieve more only if you’ve been working and preparing yourself into it.

And one thing further, country and the governments anywhere you live on earth, wants you to work until your retirement age. Let’s say it’s 55 in your country. Do you really want to work like a horse 🐴 your entire life? If not act promptly and effectively to make your retirement age minimum as possible.

This is important not only to you, but also for your family and friends and also for the people in your society. I wrote this from Armor street to office in around 20–30 minutes ride. But this is the basis of my life. I’ve met people who talk against this sometimes, but that’s okay, that’s there way and this is the way I’m thinking and working on. Even you can read this and just forget about it, or you can start by now.

I’m working towards this. I know a very few who are in the same boat 🚣 with me. My question is are you? Are you willing to take risks for your life? Are you energized and energetic enough? Are you courageous enough? Think about these and prepare yourself and get on board. It’s hard at the beginning, but I’m like this from my childhood. I know life is full of ups and downs, but yet every time you get down you have to learn to rise up. And do it again and and again and that practice makes your actions perfect.

So I’m about to get to my office now.

I wish you all the health and wealth and courage to achieve your goals for life sooner as possible.

Episode 2: Are you satisfied with promotions?

Are you satisfied with job promotions and bonuses at a certain time period, again and again?

Well, here is my honest answer! I might be really glad and happy if my performance that I gained competing against my previous-self would be measured by the company heads I’m working for and they offered me a pay-raise, a designation upgrade, or at least a bonus. Because this happiness matters in order to perform well for the coming future. Not only for that, promotions matter for your personal professional branding too.

So that’s it. That’s my answer for the question. Haha 😂 no no, wait it doesn’t answer the question I’ve asked.

Question is about satisfaction of the promotions you get while you’re on the job. Are you satisfied about these perks? Well, my honest answer is “NO”!!! I’m not satisfied.

But why? Well I’m a never settling person for less than the potential I can achieve, so if I’m satisfied and that’s the moment I’m starting to get bored about myself. I strive for excellence. Not to mention, from the childhood I’m like so, with enormous amounts of effort even though I’ve had to face a lot of ups and downs.

Still this doesn’t answer the question. How long are you willing to work like this for promotions? Let’s say your experience is 5 years for now, you started your career for salary “X”, and now I’m sure it might have been multiplied over the time and now it should be at least 6X (if not just know that there might be something wrong in yourself or in your career life, or in the industry you’ve chosen to work for, I know this is a highly arguable statement, but that’s my measurement about IT/Computer Technology industry, so I would like to hear from you about this what you think of, as a feedback and not to argue 😊) or may be even more than that.

So let’s say my current salary is 6X as my initial salary was X five years back, and now I’m still working, I’m still strivingly working for the excellence of what I work for, keeping in mind that I’d have a pay-raise at the year end along with bonuses. But then what? Why you can’t live happily saving the extra 7th “X” salary you’d receive at the end of the year? Because along with the promotions your life also grows out of the previous borders, new responsibilities and financial commitments arise, so you sooner or later find it hard to survive with the previous promotions you’ve achieved so far. So you again back on the track running 🏃 like a horse 🐴!

How farther and how long are you willing to run like this? Don’t tell as long as your are alive. You are not a horse 🐴! You are a human. Your potential is huge and limitless. You are here to live, love and take care of your desires but not be enslaved your entire life by the general pattern of life which majority of the people follow. You are NOT HERE ONLY to work hard, make profits for others and the country, pay the freaking bills and taxes and then die when you’re aged. Remember you can live your life, doing the things you like and work in your free time as hobbies or just normal things, be most of the times with your family and friends and loved ones. To do this it’s not easier.

Imagine an investor who invests on stock market or in real estates at an age where most of the others are working harder and harder around their 30s or 40s? You have to earn high and work towards your goals and then plan the escape plan(s) before hand. Otherwise you’d be working forever, which is a pretty good way to waste your life in my POV. Remember one thing, always the trajectory is the harder, once you’re in the space you just need a minimum effort to control through the space to reach your goals just like a rocket 🚀 !

I wish you all, all the health, wealth and time.

My story might not fit with your POV, but that’s okay 👌🏼 I would like to know how do you think about this matter, so please give me your blunt feedback.


Episode 3: What is success means to you?

Whichever trait you’re talking about, success has a definition for me in that trait. If you’re thinking about success in everything, later on you decide the definition of “everything” for yourself. So let’s take life of humans and consider few of the traits out of that life, the traits that really matter. Which mostly are health, financials, social relationships, etc.

So let’s take Health of a person to define success of his health life? If that person has to worry about it, then that means he’s not successful in the trait of health in his life. Let’s take wealth? If any person has to concern about keep growing and protecting his/her wealth, then as long as that person has that concern he/she is not successful in wealth in their life. If a person has to worry about his/her personal-social relationships then he/she has to work towards to become success in social relationships. Otherwise they are yet failed in those traits.

I recently saw that one of the top level entrepreneurs said recently that he had decided to spend the first two months of his newborn child along with the family taking care of the newborn child. He can afford to do so as he is successful in his health, wealth, social relationships and also in his career life.

That’s the ultimatum. As long as you can become and keep maintaining a level of unconcerned nature for a trait you are success in that trait. Up to that point you are successful in that trait.

So is it easier to become success in any trait?

To answer that let me take you to your life. Can you talk clearly or express yourself now at least to one person using any medium? I assume you can. But go back to the time where you started learning to express yourself as an infant? You weren’t able to express yourself at all right? but for around 6 months of time as an infant you may not be able to tell a single word but your brain was getting the signals to stimulate itself and your willpower might have been putting efforts to start talking or express yourself and eventually you might have become successful. Same way, in any trait you try to pursue further, even though facing many hardships, you have to strive to become successful until you can afford for it without concerning about it. You have to be courageous until you SUCCEED!

So that’s how I’ve grasped the concept of success. Let me know how you think about being successful? :-)

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