My 100 Days of Code

Day 1

Yesterday, I finished 100 days of podcasting in a row. It changed my life.

So now I think it’s time for another 100-day commitment.

I’ve done some programming courses in the past and I’ve also dabbled in some of FreeCodeCamp’s curriculum.

Six weeks ago, I started to learn to program full time with the hopes of building something of value for the rest of the world.

Since fitness and nutrition are two major pillars of my life, I want to use the new programming skills I acquire to help the world eat better and move more.

Today is day 1 of my first #100DaysOfCode journey.

I just submitted my second project for the Udacity Deep Learning Foundations Nanodegree.

Tomorrow I’m going to first ever hackathon, AngelHack, in my home city Brisbane, Australia.

I’m going to be way out of my comfort zone and I’m incredibly excited.

I figured the worst that will happen is that I’ll learn something new.

Day 2 — My First Hackathon (Teammates from left: Kihoon, Amir, Pita, Laura)
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