Today i woke up with a single thought: coherence.

My mind has this spidery web of ideas, thoughts and to-do things. Not that i’m complaining. Quite the opposite. I’m happy for it.

There is so much to do. Learn. And be.

What i’m finding a challenge is coherence. I can sense there is a thread joining it all together. Or rather, i want to believe there is such a thread.

Don’t we all?

That’s why i’m starting a personal #365Adventure.

Out of the tens and hundreds of things that cross my mind each day, what draws my attention most? What can i say affected me most today? How much did i notice in one year? And what does it say about my ‘noticing’ it?

That’s what this is about — a year-ful of stuff that touches me each day.

I have no clue where this will lead, or what it will yield, or what it means to lay it out in public. And it doesn’t matter that much. After all, that’s why its an adventure.

Let’s see what we can create by putting all these nuts and bolts together.



When the idea of #365Adventure came to me, I didn’t think of doing it on Medium. My first thought was to do it on Blogger because that’s what we use at work.

I don’t quite recall all the steps I went through in deciding to try Medium — which I’m doing for the first time — but the overriding reason was a platform that can help me get started quickly and easily, before my inner critic gets in the way and I grow cold feet.

Getting to know and work with Blogger took me some time and I still don’t think I’m as proficient with it as I should be.

But this isn’t about Blogger or Medium.

It’s about what tipped the scale for me.

Clearly, quick and easy won the day for me — and I suspect, it wins most of the time and for most of people too.

That’s what caught my attention today.


I think there is too much of it in our business. I work in the hospitality sector and I think the journey a guest has to walk before making a booking is too long and bumpy.

How can we reduce this friction? How can we make it quick and easy for more people to do business with us?

I don’t know. At least not yet. But, like most things in life, it’s not the answers that are most important but the noticing.

And you can add awareness and a heavy dose of curiosity.

I guess that should be sufficient to put it into the In-Tray.



Customers expect to be attended by sun-happy attendants and treated like loyalty.

We all do. After all, the Customer is King. And user experience and reviews are now the new gold. They have to mine it to have it, don’t they?

I’m okay with this.


But I think we could have better outcomes as customers if we were a little nicer ourselves.

I started my day today by reading a chapter in Cultivating a Creative Culture by Justin Dauer. He urges us to humanize our interactions and conversations by treating People as People, first.

I guess that must have hit somewhere deep because I was noticeably more empathetic, conversational (as opposed to transactional) and happier while running my errands today.

And guess what?

My buying experiences today were fun, easier to do and more joyful too.

We hit high-fives with a seller I met at the open air market even though we didn’t know each other. And still don’t.

I got assisted with directions by another who overheard me looking for something even though I hadn’t asked him.

We cracked jokes with another as we haggled over the price.

I was noticed by another after waiting patiently for him to finish with the customers I had found at his shop. And I was rewarded with his full attention, going as far as explaining to me the various options in the product I was buying.

I think it’s okay for us to expect to be treated nicely as customers but we can take our purchasing experience to a whole new level if we chose to also be nice, and to see the sellers as People first, and sellers second.

Our world is growing too dehumanized.

We need more niceness if we are to heal it and heal ourselves.

*Photo by Meg Kannan

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