My Mt. Rushmore of Actors. |Roarke Rote|

Mt. Rushmore of Actors

Tom Hanks, the back-to-back Oscar winner Philadelphia (1993) and Forrest Gump (1994), is the greatest actor of all-time.* *=according to me.

Tom Hanks obviously gets the top spot. You root for him in every role: Forrest Gump, The Green Mile, The Burbs, BIG, Castaway, and a personal underrated favorite Road to Perdition. The every day man saves the day and can make you misty-eyed in the process. Forever my favorite actor, but he cannot be put on here four times – can he?

Mt. Rushmore of Actors

Sean Penn, the man who has won two Oscars and brought El Chapo to justice.

The Jefferson spot for my Mt. Rushmore of Actors goes to none other than Sean Penn. The inventiveness (it is a word) of Penn is uncanny. I Am Sam and Mystic River are weekly watchables for me. No one will ever have such a dynamic range from characters between Sam Dawson and Jimmy Markum.

Mt. Rushmore of Actors

Cuba Gooding, Jr. There may not be a more unique career that is as underrated as his.

Tre Styles, Rod Tidwell, Radio, O.J.

So many iconic roles and quotes have came from a man whom many have written off. While Boyz N The Hood will live on forever, the deserved love and awards Cuba Gooding, Jr. will not follow. I suffered through over half of a season of American Horror Story just to watch this guy do his thing. It is unfortunate for him that so many roles he could have played have been given to very deserving actors like Chadwick Boseman and Denzel Washington. While the aforementioned two are spectacular, imagine what Cuba could have brought to the table.

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