My Quest for Change and Self-Improvement


We all at one point were younger, faster, healthier… We wish that we could get back to that and it takes a lot of effort. That being said, we also, as we grow older want to get better at everything, both physically, emotionally, and professionally.

Today, I weigh 240 pounds; having a mixture of success and struggles being an entrepreneur; and in the midst of growing as a person and as a family man. All of this is a work in progress and I would like to document it.

Right this moment, I am evaluating my plan and what I need to do but one things for sure, I need to take ACTION. This is me doing that!

Taking it day by day but definitely looking forward to the CHANGE!



Nothing wrong with resetting. Thats what I did. I needed to reset. Especially, when I saw things were not working. I assessed myself, my goals and how to reach them. I needed to buckle down to work.

For one, I needed to have to have my goal clearer and precise. I set my goals to December and set CLEAR GOALS. How much money I wanted to make.. What car I wanted to drive… How much weight I wanted to lose… It had to be precise.

Because of it, it was honestly a lot easier for me to revaluate what I needed to do and more importantly, TAKE ACTION. Taking action, regardless of what your goals are, no matter what people say, is the second part of this the equation.

A lot of it has something to do with ourselves, our apprehensions, our FEAR. It has been proven that our ability to go past this determines our success and enable us to innovate and push our limits.

Documenting all of this helps me even more and hopefully help others.

Oh yes, started my day doing two sets of the following:

Supermans (30 Reps)

Push-ups (20 Reps)

Contralateral Limb Raises (15 Reps)

Cobra ( 30 Reps)

Side-plank with Bent Knee (30 seconds each side)

Crunches (30 Reps)

I know I could have done more, NO EXCUSES.

As they say, have to start somewhere… Here I am doing that!


Food for your SOUL

Today was one of those days you devote time to feeding your soul.

We left early in the morning to go to the Galeo Farm. My good friend, John Gutierrez, graciously allowed us to go see their family farm in Lipa, Batangas. We decided to go because of the wishes of my daughter, Mik. She wanted to see a dog sanctuary where stray dogs are kept and cared for and it just so happens John’s Farm is doing just that.

It was a beautiful day and we left Alabang at 7 am and made the 90 minute drive to the farm. I am familiar of the drive to Lipa City but going to the Farm was a different route. It truly was something far different from what we experience in Manila. Though and with the exception of the roads were narrower and traversing both full-sized vehicles and motorcycles on the same roads, it was far less complicated than being in Manila. You just knew what to expect and the pace is certainly slower.

Approaching the Farm was even better, I kidd you not that there was a bend on the road and once you go beyond that bend you will get a glimpse of an ancestral house which is the centerpiece of the Farm. We arrived!

We alighted from the van we rode in and was greeted by the farm’s caretaker. She guided us to the stables and sprawling field. We were greeted by donkeys and ponies. We spent time feeding them with the carrots we brought.

The kids with the donkeys

It was a nice and pleasant experience especially for the kids. The lush greenery and the plenty of trees, plants and vegetation all around. Not to mention, they also had a baby deer and baby wild boars in the stables as well.

Soon after, we walked over to where the dogs were placed. Take note, these are stray dogs and a lot of them were on the brink of dying and were taken off the streets.

52 dogs are in that pen and counting. Their fed with rice mixed with vegetables and are given vitamins and shots for them to recover. It’s heartbreaking to see these dogs almost left for dead but it’s also makes us hopeful there are people like John’s family who would go out of their way to help these dogs survive.

For now, John and his family takes care of the costs of maintaining the dog pen and sanctuary but at some point, he will be needing help from others. To date, he has 52 dogs in the kennel and he will be building another few kennels to accommodate more dogs to be helped. Hoping a few can read this and donate in cash or in kind. John and his family are certainly heroes to these dogs, man’s best friend.

We needed something like this… this was certainly good for our family… it was good for our soul. Told John we will be back with a bigger group to possibly do more soon.

#foodforthesoul #dogs #mansbestfriend #help #letsdothis

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