Open Diary: 100 Days of Introspection.

Day 1: 27 July, 2019.

I always tell my closest pals that I live in my head a lot, say like in a massive penthouse with all conveniences attached.

If you’re new here, I will like to welcome you to my Open Diary; an unusual attempt to document my thinking, processes and key moments daily for the next 100 days.

I assume it might be random at best or by some strange luck filled with meaning and inspiration… Ha!! I doubt that much really.

I had a convo with my long time colleague and pal EY today and he reinforced a certain truth: “you cannot make people like you more than they want to like you”.

Anyways today was just all old movies and FIFA so there’s really not much to write about.

I and my very young/new family have been through some sordid moments lately and it’s made me want to approach each day with some more mindfulness.

By keeping this diary, I reckon that I will be mindful of each day and if I do end with the discipline of finishing this quest, I would have mastered new habits and renewed old muscles in the process.

Lyon Koledoye
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