The spring clear out

Some people like to live life on the straight and narrow, wake up stick to there routine, go to work love there job but can’t wait till 5.30 to go home and watch there favourite programme.

Some people struggle to get up in a morning and rush around trying to find that one odd sock to just making the bus or missing it by 10 seconds…only on the rainy days of course.

Some people have children and have to stick with time schedules that they may or may not have mastered with out burning the toast in between.

Some people work night shifts and whilst the world is rushing to there 9–5 may just be getting in and looking forward to hibernating all day.

The point is we all live our lives in some crazy and particular way because that’s what we have to do to keep us going.

I’m 27, I’m literally in my prime of needing to ‘get shit done’ and figure out what the heck I want to do with myself.

I like to believe I’m a woman of many talents but a master of mastering NONE.

I am absolutely ok with that ..why?? I know that no matter how many times I try something, fail at it loose money on, get fatter instead of thinner trying every fad diet and still have absolute 0 clue in to what I’m going to do, I’ve learnt so much and like anything i will figure it out… in time.

This blog or series or stint of attempts to writing terribly with more spelling mistakes than a 4 year old is for my brain. I got blessed with a crazy brain/mind that goes from 1–1000 constantly with ideas so I’m doing a spring clear out and I’m releasing a whole lot of stuff about my journey. I’m hoping then I’ll be left with a more organised mind? Maybe?

There’s a few things I will pre-warn if any one does follow

First I’m not writing anything for pity I have had the most amazing life where everything I’ve learnt can’t be pre-planned but I’m sure can and has been written. We all have our own journeys but some times it’s nice to know we’re not alone.

I hope it’s not boring I like to think I’ve done a fair bit in my life that I have created some wonderful dinner time stories.

I won’t use names purely because I’m now one of 10 children and any one could figure it out.

I will swear. Fact. I have a potty mouth.sorry

My spelling and grammar will be awful – hopefully iPhone will help me out.

I like to blabber like now, so forgive me

And I will be honest about everything even the times when I have probably done things my mother will not be proud of.

So here goes from the start ..

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