Party seeker (part 1)

“You’re lying, is she with you?” — Johnny

“And how did it go?” — Enrique

“This is just awesome …”

Weekend. Usually Enrique and I went to someone’s party, last week in Melanie, before this Kate. You come to everything that is ready, you have fun, you just need to keep the fun and relax. Watching a movie or raving under Van Dyke. School parties, everyone is familiar, no need to invent anything, buy alcohol, and the trick is done.

And this weekend Enrique leaves for the weekend, leaves me alone. The parents also decided to look at the Grand Canyon, but I managed to get out of it. The house is empty, it would be possible to hold a party, but after a tiring week, all these trainings and preparations for the competitions, I was just devastated.

(to be continued)

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