Rolling With It Unfiltered

I have a tendency to try and get things “just right”. Just Rolling with It’s taught me how restrictive this tendency can be. Listen to this podcast episode to hear why.

I’m rebooting my podcast’s format, starting with this episode. Rather than trying to pick the perfect topic each time, I’m going to share what I’m experiencing at any given time. My intention is to share the good, bad and ugly of my Just Rolling with It career and life reboot.

You’ll hear the perspective of an entrepreneur who doesn’t have all the answers. I haven’t figured it all out, by any means.

You’ll hear my hopes, dreams and fears. You’ll hear them raw, uncut and unfiltered. After all, Just Rolling with It is also about learning the power of vulnerability.

My hope is by sharing these experiences, you’ll remember you’re not the only one who does. They might open conversation and a deeper level of connection between us too.

Let’s see how it goes :) Thanks for being along for the ride. Thanks for Just Rolling with it!

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