The bitter Craving

Tell me with dry ears what I should be.

The minds battle continues

We are our own leader against will

The wind on my face breaks my thoughts Lightning bolt to my soul


The chill drips down hot bark

Green tipped anger soothes pressed lips

Hard bitter cement

Lay your soft back upon it

Press your thighs to darkness

Light breaks from it with an explosion of sadness.

It resonates your own self

Close it to keep it in

Carry it with you everywhere

The seed that lives deep inside

Binds the internal walls

and attaches it’s mighty chords.

Seal the doors to human instinct

the craving

the passion

the yearning

must be pushed out.

Turn away, someone sees

no one must see

no one must know

we are a secret undercover.

don’t let them see

we are human for god sake

close your heart

close your eyes

don’t look

be free

be careful

be you

be godly

be sad

be happy



just be good.


Andi Cautela·
1 min
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