Poetry for the heart

One of my hobbies, which I also consider a guilty pleasure, it is to write stories as poetry. Or at least I try do write, specially when personal or friend’s experiences impact me so profoundly that I think it is necessary to tell the story.

This first poem I wrote it based on a personal experience. I meet someone, got disappointed, then I tried to forget about it and continue with my life as if it never happened.

I initially posted on HelloPoetry a few years ago, but now I wanted to share it with you.


Yes, that’s what I was, a selfish and blindfold girl who didn’t see what was going on around her world.

Week after week I remained deaf to your cries for freedom, being stoned with ice just left me demons.

No more plans together, no more stories to tell, no more sharing and caress, just being ignored instead.

I’m back to who I was three years ago, the same lonely girl with a book at that bus stop.

This time there is no rain, and although I don’t want to hide my pain I know I have to keep the tears for myself.

May 26th 2015

Bluefields Bay, Nicaragua (my hometown)

This terrible experience just encouraged me to keep writing. That’s the only thing I am grateful about this for.

The next poem was inspired by the time I had to leave my hometown to persue my college degree. I was just 17 years old when I had to leave my mom and sister behind. It was sad, but necessary at the same time. More than a poem, it’s just a story.

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