Everyone knows that New York City is an interesting place. So many people crammed up in a really really small are. I had the opportunity to visit this great city and find out what all the hype was about. What I ended up finding the most intriguing was the human interactions.

It was so interesting that I could be crammed shoulder to shoulder with some chick on the 4/5, close enough to smell her perfume from this morning, and know nothing about her. And this was happening on a constant basis.

This made me think about the relationships I have back at home in Atlanta. How many people do I interact with on a day to day basis, people that I consider as friends, but I don’t actually know that much about their perspective.

I started a new project where I have one on one conversations with my friends to gain their perspectives, and deepen my connections with them. Hopefully creating longer lasting, and deep friendships.

Tyler Smith 2/1/2017

So the first person I reached out to for this chapter is Tyler Smith. (btw he’s the one with the “Sunny All Day” shirt)

Tyler and I met sometime last fall for our first soccer game in the Atlanta Sports and Social Club. He seems to be a guy who’s always smiling and constantly thinking. Definitely more on the reserved side when it comes to meeting new people, but we seemed to hit it off pretty well.

So some of the interactions coming to this point with Tyler have been very slim. Most of the time it’s just during soccer game nights or the occasional team outing (Messi Events). We would interact just through basic conversation and all that I knew of him up to this point was that he is an Mechanical Engineer, not currently dating, and a very open minded and an inquisitive individual.

We also did talk some about religious and philosophical beliefs at a book club initiation dinner, and some at the New Years eve party at a team mates Townhouse. He just seems to ask a lot of questions.

So anyway, I reached out to Tyler and told him my story. I went to NY, blah blah blah, and want to make deeper connections. He thought it was a great idea and agreed! So we went to a restaurant called Botiwalla at PCM.

The cashier was very personable and gave a few vegetarian recommendations and offered their Pickled Mango hot sauce.

I got a veggie thing with Pita bread lol
Tyler’s Lamb Burgers

We started our conversation with my experience in NY and kind of why I wanted to do this. I felt that it was important to get to know the people who are around you and I was really glad that we were doing that.

Since I had gone to NY to see a girl, he wanted to know more about her and how we met. I told him our story of how we met at my best friends wedding. How we were able to connect even though we just met each other. Then followed into the story of her coming over for Thanksgiving and then onto my experience with staying with her in NY.

Our topics swung from Politics, to relationships, to parenting, to life goals. It was pretty interesting. I learned that he went to LSU and graduated with a degree in Engineering. He’s a person who likes to hear the stories of others and tries to dig deep for answers to the questions he has on life. A very insightful person and eager to listen. Which made this a little more complicated for me since the point was more to hear the story of others, not tell another one of myself.

A little later in the night we discussed his relationship status and found he’s never really been in a relationship. It’s not that he hasn’t had a lust, but rather has never come across another person he’s felt the need to want to be with. We dug a little into insecurities as well and found his relationship with his parents seemed to lack. Not caused by him, but that his parents seemed to be uninterested in their lives and his.

It’s amazing that understanding the inner workings of people and asking the right questions can bring out deep thoughts and it also starts to paint a picture of why people tick the way they do.

We had to end the night as our parking tickets were on their way to expiring but we finished with a few thoughts lingering.

I foresee this to be a close friendship that I plan on continuing to develop.

Lacey Russel

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