Ah, she met him…on Tinder.

His name was Alex, he was a perfect match for her: pure Swedish, very ambitious, kind and thoughtful…other words: he was exactly that guy who would came in the middle of the night, if she would ever feel bad or just sad.

She couldn’t wish more: he was interested in her creation, he could saw all her beauty — inner and external. That was matter for her.

Once after reading “Little fool in red dress”, he told, watching deeply into her eyes: I know the end of this story… and his face widened in a smile. She didn’t think the same and in this moments she felt herself the biggest bitch in entire world.

The spark in her heart never caught fire after a few months of their romance.

Her Mom told to her: “you are a little fool…but if you won’t find anybody better in your life than him?” She laughed loud, she is just 23 years old and this is the biggest absurd that she has ever heard from someone! However, it was completely another problem…she had someone else in her mind and she couldn’t get rid of thought that he was…he is still the best!

Oh, these modern ladies, they are so witless. They would rather appreciate a shit in envelop than real brilliants. By the way, her best man called her miss Universe, she called him Mister Brilliant.

Alex… he is a handsome dream guy. Many girls would die for him but not she. Lawless Heart. Perhaps, if she had a grandmother, her granny could share some wonderful wisdom with her: «Love comes later, it just takes time!» But she did not have any grandmothers or grandfathers. That’s why she clung only assholes.

She understood it and sometimes when she ate mayonnaise from a jar, again rewatching the “Beauty and the Beast”, she could cry, kept telling: “Goodwin, give me, please, some brains and big heart!”.

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