silent reminders.

volume 1: to the millennial who is all over the place but still going places.

because it’s okay to be all over the place, as long as you make it home in the end.

always establish the why.

before i start any chapter, i make sure i've discovered the “why.”

this series is a perfect example.

i created these reminders for when the tough gets going & i’m swallowed up by my ego’s crippling savior complex and greed for fame & money.

i needed advice tailored to my specific thoughts & emotions of self doubt so, i did what any self determinist in-the-making would do & pull themselves up by the bootstraps by themselves, for themselves.

since i believe everyone in the collective conscious is a reflection of each other — this guide is helping someone else by default and poof, there goes the pressure of audience expectations.

it’s okay to switch lanes.

the “start-up phase” is the most difficult part of any process. it includes not only getting up, but staying up and being a visionary is tough. ideas & concepts are constantly running through our minds.

we lose sight of the bigger picture, fall out of love with visions, & create newer products at the blink of an eye.

creating your wave to be sturdy enough for you walk on will be hard but the best reminder to remember is: if the project or business idea isn’t lining up with your “tiny voice,” stop all activity.

the purpose for moving in on an idea is, to give you agency in constructing your life path.

ignoring your tiny voice & moving forward is a recipe for disaster & stress.

a few meditation sessions & a lot of time spent alone will help you figure out if this path is in alignment with who you truly are.

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