Singapore: 8 Travel Tips

1. Hawker Centers

Yes, Singapore can be expensive for food and drink however you must of missed the Hawker Centers. I would recommend Chinatown for your first taste of delicious hawker food. My Girlfriend and I paid circa 3 euro for 5 award winning freshly made Dim Sum. We washed this down with Chinese imported 600ml beer for 2.50e each. To put that into perspective, the average price for a 500ml beer in Singapore is 9–15e. You will also find Hawker Centers in Little India if you fancy something with a little kick in it.

2. Art

It’s no Paris, but it did take me my surprise the graffiti or wall art scene in Singapore. The above picture was taken beside the Burgis MTR station. The wall art has to go through a rigorous application process to be approved. You will see plenty of art and the stories behind them on the walking tours.

3. Wet Markets

What makes a market wet you may ask! Wet markets are open indoor marketplaces were the locals purchase produce. The wet comes from the floor as it can be a tad bit slippy due to excess water from cleaning and storing fresh fish. The floors didn’t look too wet to me however the smell is a more accurate indication that you are in a wet market.

Barry Breen
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