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Welcome to Squanto’s Log, a weekly/monthly/yearly/now-and-then-one-more-when-I-remember-at-the-very-end (listed in increasing likelihood) update on what’s happening at Squanto. Most advice and dialogues about starting a company come from the recollection of the founders. The idea here is to have a real-time diary of what we’re going through building this with all the things we’re trying, what works, what doesn’t, and other stuff. Hopefully it proves useful someday. Meanwhile, enjoy…

Log #1

Hi there. An awful lot has happened since we started this as a project back in December of last year. We got a new president, withdrew from the Paris climate accords, and found out Arrested Development is coming back for another season. So much to be excited about!

This will (hopefully) be the last retroactive post, but I must start at the beginning before forgetting too much.

We’re now six months old. Happy half-birthday to us! Since starting, we acquired some customers, built an app, a web interface, another web interface, the outline of a machine learning algorithm, and submitted our first funding application. That last one is really exciting because we know the people who are running the fund and they seemed to be especially keen on the idea. We haven’t heard back yet, but we’re pretty excited to here what they have to say.

In the unfortunate section of the news, we lost a co-founder. In all honesty, he was probably too smart for us anyway but we were sad to see him go. Don’t worry, no friendships were harmed.

It’s been a ton of hard work — multiple tons, actually — and we’ve only started. But we’re super excited and really going forward. I can feel the acceleration. Glad you’re here.


An early, very ugly UI that was built by an unnamed individual that is not me.
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