Film Script:

Patricia, a woman who recently had a baby, went for a one off night out with friends, after attracting and flirting with a stranger got herself into something deeper. She faces her worst nightmare.


Patricia (Age,30) sits impatiently, in her sitting room. The television was on. She watched patently with no interest, clearly something is bothering her. She is all dressed up and ready to go out. She looking at herself in a small hand mirror and adjusting her makeup with little or no effort.

She stands and walk to the window, a minutes later, looking out. Checking the time on her watch and the one in her siting room at the same time. It says 6.30pm.

She walks to the dinning table. A meal sat delicious in a see through glass plate. She placed her hands on the covered meal, to feel the temperature.

Shocking her head and went back to sit on the sofa. Picking the remote, she flipped through channels with no interest.

Looking around the sitting room, she spotted her babies feeding bottle, some few toys laying around, standing up, she walked to pick them up before going into the room.

The leaving room door opens and Prince (Partner) walks in with some shopping bags. At the same time, Patricia walks out into the sitting room making eye contact.

PATRICIA Mr African time, Why lie if you know you wouldn’t get back on time?

PRINCE Is it that late?

Seeing the look on her face.

PRINCE Sorry babes, I left the office at 5pm, it was the supermarket, the cue was horrendous.

PATRICIA Eh! ok so it’s my fault now? for asking you to get some baby food on your way back?


Your food in on the dining getting cold, I’m off now.

PRINCE Calm down, would you. I am not blaming you.

He looks at his watch.

PRINCE You still have so much time anyway, or do you want to be the first at the club?

PATRICIA No w’re going to pick up Linda, the birthday girl first, maybe have a little drink at her place or so. I don’t know, Jocelyn is planning.

PRINCE Hmm its really going to be a fun filled weekend. Go crazy, you deserve it.

PATRICIA I do oh! I really need it, I mean once in a while.

I am really so excited about tonight, I can’t remember when I went out last, obviously before I learnt i was pregnant.

PRINCE And who is the queen of turn-ups? I’m surprise you didn’t miss that life. honestly I was a little worried


Now that’s a joke!

PATRICIA Well I enjoy being a mother, even though the job can be demanding, well 90 percent of the time.

The cry of their baby interrupted the conversation.

PATRICIA [Sighing] That is exactly what I’m talking about. I just put her in bed 10 minutes ego!

PRINCE I will go attend to her.

Downing a glass of water, beside his dibber, he stands up hastily and walks into the room.

PATRICIA Don’t bring her here, I don’t want her to see me…

PRINCE Not a problem, I will stay in the room with her until she falls back asleep.

Patricia smiled in appreciation, before dusting a little brown powder on her nose to conclude her makeup application. Her phone started to ring. She grabs it immediately.

PATRICIA Hello! Joy girl! Nne I’m ready, where are you?

Yes i’m

How long? 5 minutes, yes that’s fine. I’m coming down right away.

Ok, yes that’s fine. Ok see you soon.

BYE! bye!

PATRICIA Prince I’m heading out now! I will give you a call once I can. Take care!

Patricia quietly put away her makeup back. She grabs her designers hand bag and house keys. She quietly opens the door and shuts it behind her.

Immediately, Prince comes out of the bedroom, walks to the window where he can see the main road and looks out the window. He had a sinister look on his face.

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