Sustainable Development Goals

This series is dedicated to creating awareness (in my own little way) for the SDGs and what it encompasses. In the next few slides, I’ll be posting a picture representing a goal, accompanied by a short note to describe what it is about. I hope you enjoy this! :) If you do, don’t forget to share and click on the get updates sign !

PS: I won’t be doing it at once, I miss guy not also do it everyday but I’d finish it regardless of how long it takes.

A brief summary of the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals are a take off from the Millennium Development Goals. It is an improvement from the MDGs, this can be seen in the expansion of the numbers of goals and the inclusion of other dimensions of development.

There are 17goals in total with 169 targets. The goals are global goals and as such, all individuals and nations are involved, no individual or nations is left out.

The goals embody all the aspects of society, most especially the aspects that are lacking.

These goals are aimed at ensuring that there is development and not just development but development that is sustainable. And by this I mean development that doesn’t cease, Development that is continuous and does not in anyway jeopardize any aspect of the society while in process.

The SDGs started in 2015 and will expire in 2030.

Also, it is important to note that all these goals are interconnected and depend on one another to bring about the sustainable world we want.

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