T-3 Days till move in

So I move into college in 3 days….crazy. last year I was a freshman and I remember all the upper class man telling me that once you leave college, you can’t wait to come back. I called BS. There’s no way in their right mind that Someone would want to come back to school…..I was wrong. I can’t really express the excitement I have to be back on campus. I mean, yeah I’m still nervous about classes but my excitement is overwhelming. I already have met some of my best friends that I’ll have my whole life and I get to go spend 9 months hanging out with them, having deep talks, going to Goodwill countless times for no reason, and drinking more Mcdonalds iced coffee and sweet tea than I drink water. It feels good to already have an amazing group of friends, it relieves a lot of pressure that is felt freshman year…trying to fit in and meet people. All that is done now, well except for meeting new freshman….but they’re freshman so I’m not really nervous.

And speaking of freshman and excitement, I’m going to be a small group leader this year. I’m extremely excited for that and to see what God has in store for my small group. Along side that I want to grow spiritually and gave small group with my friends. I think this year will be a good year for growth. Back to the small group thing though…that will be a good way to connect with some of the incoming freshman so I am excited about that. It’s just another thing that gets me pumped about this upcoming year.

Well, I’m just waiting for my computer to update, I think that’s enough talk about college for now.

Update coming later.



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