Taipei — A local foodie’s journey

Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, I never understood how important and prevalent food is to me, my city, and my culture. It was not until a few long(er) stays elsewhere in the world did I come to the realization and started my personal exploration when I came back to this hidden Asian metropolis.

Cliche it may be, still let this journey begin!

LuGuang (陸光小吃館)@ Daan station

Taiwanese cuisine is something hard to be defined. Following the style of Chinese cooking, Taiwanese dishes use lots of soy sauce, scallion, ginger and garlic, yet flavor-wise it is sweeter and more mellow, with an almost Japanese touch on the pursuit of balance.

This restaurant is a great embodiment of Taiwanese cuisine coming out from the military villages where soldiers originated from different Chinese provinces lived next to each other. Each province of China has its distinct spices and flavor, when neighboring one another, it turn into the military village cuisine style that mixes different flavors into one meal, with the side dish being noodle or dumplings instead of rice.

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