Gratitude note to my husband: Dear Dick…

Dear Dick,

Is it acceptable to address you as “Dick?” Probably not. No, it is inappropriate to begin a letter of gratitude to you, husband, with “Dear Dick.” But I am because, fortunately, your name is Richard, and because you taught me that inappropriate commentary is worthy of making if, in the making, there is laughter. So, I continue with…

Dear Dick,

Thank you for the science of “touching.” Thank you for the sexuality of chemistry and the joy of lust.

Thank you for building my character through busting down my barriers.

Thank you for listening to all the blistering complaining about nothing pertaining to meaning or truth.

Thank you for helping me let go of the unspoken, by showing me how you released your own unspoken “broken.”

Thank you for all that I am too lazy to mention, but especially for accepting my laziness again, and again, and again.

How will you live out that “one wild precious life” you have to live? That’s rhetorical as I know you have chosen to live it with me.

So, thank you Dick. Thank you for pricking my heart so skillfully with your scalpel, for I would have missed so much life if you had not stuck it in me so deeply. Deep.

Yours Truly,


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