The 3 Unique Benefits of Pain and Trauma

#1. Embracing the trauma unleashes your potential

When the trauma strikes, rising up to the challenge reveals your hidden abilities and untapped potential. Often times if we are not forced out of our comfort zones, we do not know how capable we are.

You might say no, I will die if X happens or I can’t continue if I lose Y. But in reality, upon facing X or Y, your heart would not stop beating and you have to face the world as you find it.

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#2. Trauma separates the gems from the mud

The second class of benefit involves relationships. Adversity is a filter. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, or a couple loses a child, some friends and family members rise to the occasion and strive to support them in any way they can.

Adversity does not just separate the fair-weather friends from the true; it strengthens relationships and it opens people’s heart to one another.

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#3. Trauma equips you with a new pair of eyes

Trauma changes priorities and philosophies toward the present (“live each day to the fullest”) and toward other people.

We are all familiar with stories of rich and powerful people who had a moral conversion when faced with death.

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Amir Afianian
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