The Beauty Of a Rose

The Beauty Of a Rose part 8…

Panick and shock are the emotions driving my sister and I. I’m not gonna lie I was like yoooooooooo how in the world did she just take the stint that was just surgically implanted. See the stint monitors all of the blood flow, and allows the doctors to see that medications and treatment is going well but now she’s managed to take it out 🤦🏾‍♂️.

She has just had a stroke, she is on all types of medication, and still has managed to go and do the unthinkable take out the device that was just surgically implanted… The power of woman 😃. I call her very calmly begin to ask and probe, “ so what happened to your student?“ She replied, “ oh I took it out it was irritating me, I wasn’t just gonna sit and be uncomfortable so I took it out and placed it in a napkin”. Uh my jaw literally hits the floor in disbelief, the other part of me was like yo — crazy she has some serious balls just to take this thing out. But if I’m honest with you the craziest thing about it all was it was like a matter of fact conversation, she wasn’t excited, she wasn’t nervous, she was just like I took it out it was uncomfortable.

There’s only one problem with this, we have to report this to the doctor let them know and once we do the doctors instantly let us know your mom is no longer safe alone by herself. Like a ton of bricks the words drove through my eardrums, how in the world am I now going to tell my mother you can no longer live alone. Such pride, such independence, all removed in a matter of minutes.

Eventually we have the conversation. In the calmness of the day I begin to express to my mom concerns of the doctor, and the concerns of her children who want nothing but the best for her. By far one of the hardest conversations I’ve ever had as a human being, hearing my mother choke up and fight back the tears I can’t even imagine what she’s thinking. Hell I’m looking at the situation like is the end near, so I can’t even dream of we’re her mind is racing. I tell her don’t worry everything’s gonna be OK we’re going to find you somewhere very nice where you can have assisted living, we will get through this. But the pain, the hurt, the embarrassment, the sadness only allowed her to mumble ok that’s fine. Tears began we get to well up in my eyes as reality hit like a million bricks. I can’t stop this rose from dying, the pedals will fall no matter what I do 🥀… Diary Of a Rose Keeper take 8

Sulli Phillips
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