The black ROSE series. Poetry dedicated to black women


Poems for her.

Poetry dedicated to love and strength of black women.

I left my mark on you.

Not because of my looks or physique or any witty word expressed, but because I saw you.

The real you when no one else saw you.

I saw through the veil and spied what had been deemed worthless, useless and unproductive.

I saw that which no physical eye can see and I touched you there, I kissed you there, I healed you there and I restored you there.

That hidden place where no physical hand can touch, but I touched you.

I touched you beyond your flesh. I moved you beyond space and time and I saw you and Ahhh, there you were.

I met you before meeting you. I danced with you before dancing with you, I sang to you before singing to you.

You see I left my mark on you and you have not forgotten me.

Even when you’re with someone else I’m imbedded deep within your heart and mind for I have left rose petals on your heart, whispered sweet words in your mind, poured sweet wine in your veins and eaten from your well defined lips.

I left my mark on you and there’s no escaping it.

Though you try you return to me in the quiet of mind and it is there that I whisper my name in your ear from afar and you hear my voice and you yearn for me.

You feel my caress, though I am not in your presence and every touch brings you to an awareness of me, ever becoming more and more intimate with my soul.

I left my mark on you and I will stay with you for an eternity.

My heart is yours, my love and my soul.

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