The Broken Pencil

A Hopeless girl’s life

Inspired from real incidents.

This is about how a brave girl lead her life and how she managed her friends, society, parents and relatives . How she overcome all complications from the people who always judge her life and how she stood an Inspiration to the future.

Declaration ______________ All the characters here by are fictitious. If any chance they resemble you in either directly or indirectly means, it is just a coincidence but not an intentional.

Thank You.

Written by

Ankanna Malreddy ( BLACKODE )

Not I & Tired Of


Welcome to my world of slavery in the name of freedom. My name is Swecha which means freedom in Telugu. I have a freedom in name to write on, but I do not have freedom to express my views and thoughts.

I am just living life with no emotions and feelings. I have turned into a stone with broken heart. Every second of my life I lived is not me. I am just equal to a doll with life controlled by parents, relatives and moreover the society.

I am not allowed for anything. I am just a stone lying in a corner.

I am just a motion less mote.

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