The Business Journey

Just an insight to my experience as I continue to build both my company brand and my personal brand.

I have had moments where I’ve experienced feelings of being unworthy and unqualified for the journey and for the dream I have set forth for myself to take. Moments of uncertainty and those of fear that I do not want with me along this ride. Questions posed to myself such as, “Who am I to create a company of such magnitude and actually run this type of operation.” Given that my business, this company I have created is still fairly new; it naturally brings me the emotional desire of wanting to quickly earn the respect of the marketplace and community. I feel compelled to make a deep impact, contribute and provide real value. I know it starts with building a strong and solid foundation and that takes time. Time that can not be bought or made to pass by quick. Just time to be here and be present in the experience of me cultivating and nourishing this business from the ground up. Time for me to remain focused on what’s most important and to also remain grounded in my process.

As I continue to grow this company over the years it will eventually establish itself in the market. I can not be consumed or worried with how little years this organization has under its belt, rather I must be focused on where we are going and how we serve the market. I must not forget what I do have and what I do bring to the table. I have something different to offer and my perspective and insights come from such a unique angle and scenario that will provide value as I go through this business endeavor of mine. That I must not forget or make small. Something that can’t be learned overnight or simply conceptualized and processed. This is what I have. Real world experience and expertise working with real companies, middle market sized companies for the last twelve years. I have a different unique perspective and different insights that I truly found to be valuable and worth sharing. Bringing this and more to the table allows me the opportunity to contribute and give back to the community in a different way.

For the last twelve years, I have served as a Relationship Manager in the Commercial Banking sector Finance. In this role I worked directly with the CEO’s, CFO’s, Founders, Presidents and Owners of these middle market sized companies. Middle Market differentiates companies by revenue size in the banking world, typical sizes vary anywhere from 50M to 200M in annual revenue. I am sure for many of you, this appears to not be important, but let me share insights on how I plan to leverage my background going forward.

Working as a Commercial Bank Officer, I was able to learn so much about the other side of business by working with middle market companies. I gained vast knowledge on business and how these companies actually operated from a view point like no other, from the inside. Many of these companies spanned across various industries and sectors. From service and production, to the actual manufacturers and big distributors, on to wholesalers, logistics, and the exporters. I grew to learn in depth the life cycles of a company and the different phases it would experience. Having been there with them as their financial partner, representing both the bank and the customer, it allowed me to better understanding on the company perspective, the banks perspective and the Relationship Manager perspective. Having managed this credit portfolio of a broad and diverse mix of companies; I grew to learn the intricacies and business metrics that these companies used to evaluate its performance. In this experience I gained deeper insights on what it meant to manage and develop a true business relationship along with learning the internal and operational aspects of an business and all the prospecting, sales and marketing aspects that comes along with running a company.

But most importantly to me, is that I understand business on both the micro level and on the macro level. And that entire experience has allowed me the opportunity to work hand in hand and directly with hundreds of companies over the years and learn by experience and daily interaction what they would face and encounter. In this capacity I have been able to develop many contacts, earn their loyalty and build over time solid relationships and maintain them. I have grown to truly appreciate the connections built and I really value what that means and respect how important it is. I truly respect the entire process of building actual relationships and I know for sure that this experience is going to not only help me with my business endeavor, but also put me at the forefront in my industry.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you come back to hear more about my journey.

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