The Garages, A #PerforsFarmhouse Series

The ongoing garages improvement project. Keeping it true to the Victorian Farmhouse era with modern upgrades, smarthome technology, and a new look. Painting, siding, roofs, lights, cleaning, clearing, replacing, upgrading, and more. Follow to keep an eye out for updates!

Before — “big garage” is 3 bays on the right. “Little garage” is 1 bay on the left. Little garage is much older, with no electricity, although it appears someone in the past made an “attempt” at adding wiring. Big garage has a garage door opener in only the big bay. It is equipped with a smattering of cabinets inside.

Fall 2015 — Dead Trees Falling on the Roof

Overgrown trees in our overgrown lot were using the garage roof and siding for stand-up assistance. The trees were dead as a doornail, and had to go. Lucky us, we love some good chainsaw time! TIMBER!

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