The Journey: Practical Deep Learning for Coders


This will be an ongoing (or until I get bored), haphazard, full of holes and riddled with tangents, documentation of my journey becoming a deep learning practitioner.

Practical Deep Learning for Coders is a MOOC by that believes 1 yr of coding experience and a very different way of teaching can put you on the path of a deep learning expert. is dedicated to making the power of deep learning accessible to all

[…]one of the biggest differences that you’ll see as a result is that we teach “top down” rather than “bottom up”

Lesson 0: The Setup

Why I first heard of through a colleague also interested in data science. But I started the course because of their teaching philosophy and what it means to provide a good education. It’s quite an intriguing approach and I do love being an earlier adapter of anything techie, so why not?

For reference: I’m a software engineer, with a data analyst nano-degree from Udacity.

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