The Napoleonic Code of Risk, Rule #1

We live in amazing times — something new every day seems to come out of nowhere which changes “everything” we understood about the world almost overnight.

We all have in mind a nation, an industry, company, book, a group or an individual changing everything.

In every situation there was an invisible game being played and won.

Much of the game is about knowing what to do with an important thing:


Risk is like fire.

This fire can be used to make our lives better, or we can be destroyed by it.

What we do with risk can lead to:

success, satisfaction (and maybe lots of late-night parties)


loss, poverty and tragedy.

Over 200 years ago a man came of nowhere and within a few years would rule most of Europe.

He was a master of this invisible game.

BUT he would lose it all and become an exile on an island in the middle of nowhere.

Napoleon Bonaparte both won and lost this invisible game.

It’s a game we are all playing, like it or not, whether we know it or not, every day. And there are rules to the game.

Let’s review.

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