The Piss Test

Some are going to ask why I would even admit this happened and some may not. In life as you mature there are right ways to go about doing something and there are wrong ways to go about doing something. For 11 years I haven’t liven down wether or not I should have done something differently and my estranged wife and I had discussions about this more than a dozen times through the years. I grew weary of her constantly telling me it was “not a big deal.” October 31st, 2006.

My in-laws and her brothers had just moved in with us a few weeks prior because they had sold their home in Libertyville and we had just moved into a huge ranch home on a 100 acre piece of land. It was about 2:00am and we were sleeping in our bed. I was a light sleeper and heard our bedroom door open and it clearly was in need of some WD-40. I thought maybe one of the cats had pushed it open so I just laid there with my eyes closed. Then all of a sudden I felt a stream of warm fluid hitting my feet and the bottom of the comforter by our knees and legs. I didn’t move as I froze because not only was I terrified I had no clue what it was. When the stream stopped I waited for a few seconds and opened my eyes. I saw her father walking out of our room. I instantly sat up and reached down to feel the comforter and my entire hand became wet. At first I thought he might have been drinking a beer and came in our room thinking it was his and accidentally spilled it. That was until I smelled my hand. Yup, you guessed it. Piss. I was fucking pissed. ( No pun intended ) I immediately woke her up and said “ Your Dad just pissed on us.” She replies, “No he didn’t.” Until she reached down and felt the comforter then she ripped off all the sheets and got us some new ones. She told me she’d talk to him in the morning about it. I was so angry and in disbelief. I told her normally that is an automatic beat down and depending where you’re from a potential death sentence. She never talked to him about it but it stuck with me through the years. Why? Because that right there was one thing that should never happen to anyone let alone a family member. I could have walked away right there but I didn’t. Because I loved her and no matter what I wasn’t going to walk away from the best thing that ever happened to me. IWAY

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