The Stages of Writing and Defending a Thesis

Dec 16, 2016. 2 pm.

That’s when I defended and essentially wrapped up an M.Sc. in chemistry.

The whole process of writing up “everything” I did over two years was daunting and as soon as “it” started, it was a blur.

By the end, I looked around and wondered how I got there. As soon as one part finished, it was onto the next; it was easy to get caught up in the rush and lose track.

“How was it?”

That’s a common question I get regarding the whole process of writing and defending a thesis. Usually, I’ll answer with “good” or “not bad”, because it’s easy.

Maybe it was exactly the opposite and I answer with such simplicity to avoid thinking about it and avoid being articulate about the entire experience.

But for something that I had put so much time and effort into I’d like to be able to provide a better answer than just that.

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